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Liquid Plate's Water Transfer printing process is also referred to as hydro-printing, hydrographics or camo-dipping. It is a technology where specialized film is printed with designs such as camo, wood grains, marble/stone, carbon fiber, and numerous other patterns. It is used in sporting goods, hunting, automotive, and many other fields. This process is used by Liquid Plate to present the consumer with an unique opportunity to add durability, style, appeal and value to most any two or three dimensional object that can be submerged in water. Materials such as plastics, metals, fiberglass, woods, ceramics, hardware, etc. can be decorated by our water transfer process. The Liquid Plate process can be applied to all types of skulls, guns (we have our FFL to take in your firearms to be dipped), archery products, helmets, hardhats, along with numerous other products.

At Liquid Plate, we specialize in custom mounting horns and skulls of all types. Plaques are handmade and customizable to suit the customer. Plaques may also be dipped in any of our numerous patterns. We offer many fabrics, including camo, to cover the body of the horn mounts. We also offer European mounts on plaques with a rotating base that allows them to be displayed on a pedestal/table or on the wall. We will clean and bleach the skull or you may mail or deliver it already cleaned, ready to be dipped.

We pride ourselves in saying that we can make any skull or set of horns wall worthy.


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